There are many blogging sites out there, but Blogger is one of the most popular blog platform.

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Originally introduced by Pyra Labs in 1999, Blogger was among the pioneers of dedicated blogging platforms.

In 2003, Google acquired Blogger, and since then, it has gained popularity with continuous feature enhancements and seamless integration with other Google applications.

Due to its free usage model, Blogger is a preferred choice for novice bloggers, and it can be said that it is one of the best free platforms for blogging.

Blogger, originally a simple blogging tool, has evolved to streamline common blogging tasks such as scheduling posts, embedding videos, and sharing on social media.

flexibility to completely transform your blog's appearance by modifying the Blogger code.

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Blog platforms are available for a variety of niches. For instance, there are blogging platforms that are more suitable for businesses than personal blogs. The high versatility of the blog platform indicates that its services are suitable for a wide variety of users and the low versatility of the blog platform indicates that it is a niche blog platform.

Blogger Features

Blogger supports to add rel='nofollow' attribute to outbound links. 

Blogger automatically optimizes images uploaded in the post editor for better loading speed but does not offer advanced optimization options natively.

Blogger features a simple yet effective labeling system that functions as categories and tags, helping organize content and making it easier for readers to find related posts.

A commenting system is a feature on websites, particularly blogs and news sites, that allows readers to leave feedback or engage in discussions directly on the page.

While Blogger doesn't have a specific "code inject" feature, you can modify the HTML of your theme directly or add custom JavaScript via gadgets in its layout tool.

Blogger offers built-in ad monetization through Google AdSense, allowing users to earn revenue by displaying targeted ads on their blog posts.

The pros and cons of Blogger

  • Connecting your Google Adsense account also lets you earn income from ads.

Very limited design options to customize the look of your blog.

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