Cargo is a site builder platform designed to facilitate the creation of visually appealing online content.

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Cargo is a simple yet powerful website builder that offers over 60 templates, making it an excellent choice among other blogging platforms for artists. It is a nice option for bloggers who want to customize their site's design.

The platform is free to try and build an online presence, allowing users to experiment with different designs before committing.

The blogging feature in Cargo allows you to share your thoughts ideas or showcase your work effectively. It provides a user-friendly interface that makes it easy even for beginners. This makes it suitable for professional bloggers and hobbyists and individuals looking forward to sharing their passion with the world.

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It may not be as versatile or feature-rich compared to other widespread website builders or blogging platforms.

Cargo Features

This is a built-in feature in Cargo that ensures your images are always displayed at their best quality without compromising the speed of your site. It automatically adjusts image size and resolution to suit the viewer's device for an optimal viewing experience.

With this integrated functionality, you can easily monetize your digital products directly from your blog or portfolio on Cargo. Whether it's digital art, eBooks or online courses - selling them becomes seamless and straightforward.

The E-commerce feature in Cargo is a comprehensive solution that allows you to set up an online store within the platform itself - no additional plugins are required! You can manage inventory, process payments and handle shipping from one place.

The pros and cons of Cargo

  • Easy to use with lots of cool designs.

  • Pricing is simple, transparent, and fair.

  • Free for students.

  • Some advanced features might need a bit of tech knowledge.

  • May not be as versatile as other widespread website builders or blogging platforms.

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