HashNode provides software engineers the ability to start free developer blogs under personal domains while also benefiting from being part of its wider dev community network

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There is no doubt that HashNode is one of the best free blog platforms on the internet.

It is one of the most popular blogging platform for developers.

HashNode is one of the channels where software developers share and follow each other. The platform's built-in comment system and existing user base make it highly promising for sharing posts.

You can use your domain name with the free plan in HasNode. In this sense, it differs greatly from other blog platforms because almost all of the blogging platforms offering free plan don't include using your custom domain.

It is very important to note that one of the platform's main features is that you can publish blog posts without putting any marketing effort into them.

Moreover, HashNode has a built-in grammar tool that makes your blog posts grammatically correct.

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Hashnode is trulya user-friendly blogging platform due to its focus on writing.

HashNode Features

Hashnode recently announced its headless blogging service. 

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With its integrated newsletter feature, HashNode allows bloggers to build an email subscriber list and send out regular updates or new content notifications directly from the platform itself.

HashNode features a built-in comment system that fosters interaction and engagement, allowing readers to share their thoughts, ask questions or respond directly under each blog post.

One of the key advantages of blogging on HashNode is access to its existing community of tech enthusiasts; this integrated reader base provides immediate exposure and engagement opportunities for your content within an active network.

The pros and cons of HashNode

  • Free platform allows you to use your custom domain.

  • The users of the platform also the readers of articles shared in the platform.

  • Free AI search companion (Rix).

  • Audioblog: "Listen to this article".

  • Native GitHub integration allows you to backup and publish your notes using a repository. 

  • It has a built-in Grammarly integration.

  • The users and the readers of the platform mostly consist of developers.

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