Pixpa stands out as a specialized blogging platform designed for creatives and photographers looking to showcase their portfolio alongside engaging blog content.

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Pixpa is a versatile platform primarily designed for photographers, artists, and designers. They use it to showcase their work and sell their services online. Beyond these features, it also includes a blogging module that enables users to create and manage their own blogs. This review will delve into how Pixpa fares as a blogging platform.

Pixpa's Features

User Interface and Ease of Use

Pixpa offers an intuitive interface user-friendly even for those with minimal tech know-how. The platform features drag-and-drop builders for creating pages, galleries, and blogs.

This makes it accessible for users to build their blogs without coding skills. The admin dashboard is well-structured with clear navigation around the site's features.

Blog Design and Customization

Pixpa offers pre-designed blog templates that are modern yet simplistic. These can be customized in various ways such as modifying color schemes or fonts according to your brand identity.

However, Pixpa may feel limited compared with more specialized blogging platforms like WordPress or Medium. They offer extensive customization options and flexibility in design elements.

Blogging Features

On the plus side, Pixpa's blog module supports multimedia content, such as videos and images, alongside the usual text posts. This is an excellent feature for visual artists or photographers looking to showcase their work in blog content.

According to a recent study[1], 91% of consumers prefer visual content over text-only content. Pixpa meets this preference by supporting multimedia content. Bloggers can engage their audience in a more visually appealing way. Due to multimedia support, we cay that Pixpa is one of the best blogging platforms tailored for artists.

In addition, the platform's drag-and-drop builders make it easy for users to customize their blog designs. This is true even if they have no coding skills. This level of accessibility sets Pixpa apart from more specialized blogging platforms.

Often, those platforms require advanced technical skills for customization.

SEO Capabilities

SEO is crucial for attracting organic traffic from search engines like Google. Pixpap provides SEO tools that allow users to edit metadata for posts/pages like the title tag or meta description. This is an essential feature for improving your blog posts' visibility in search engines.

E-commerce Integration

For bloggers who want to make money by selling products or services on their blogs, Pixpa has seamless e-commerce integration. This can benefit monetization.

The Pricing of Pixpa

Pixpa offers four distinct pricing plans, each designed to cater to different needs. Here's a brief overview of each:

All plans come with a free custom domain name for one year if you choose an annual subscription; smartphone-optimized responsive designs; SSL secure website; fully integrated e-commerce with zero commission on sales; SEO and marketing tools; around-the-clock customer support via email as well as chat support within US office hours.

It’s important to note that these prices are applicable only when paid annually – monthly prices may vary slightly higher.

Overall while Pixpa does offer useful functionalities such as e-commerce integration, and is easy-to-use for beginners, it may not be as comprehensive as dedicated blogging platforms in terms of blog design customizations and advanced features. It may be better suited to visual artists or photographers keen to combine blogging with showcasing their work.


  1. Social media engagement with organization-generated content: Role of visuals in enhancing public engagement with organizations on Facebook and Instagram. Source

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Pixpa Features

Sell Digital Products

Sell Digital Products

Sell digital products like ebooks, music, videos, courses etc.


A feature to sell physical products.
Category & Tag System

Category & Tag System

A category-tag system is a method used in content management to organize and structure information.
Comment system

Comment system

A commenting system is a feature on websites, particularly blogs and news sites, that allows readers to leave feedback or engage in discussions directly on the page.
Image Optimization

Image Optimization

Image optimization features to optimize images for faster loading
Code Inject

Code Inject

A code-inject feature refers to the ability of a website or blog platform to allow users to add custom HTML, CSS, JavaScript or other types of code directly into their site. This is typically done through specific fields in the platform's settings where you can insert your own scripts.

The pros and cons of Pixpa

  • Carefully curated themes

  • Relatively less number of themes (more than 150)

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