Portfoliobox is an intuitive platform offering diverse formats for creating unique online portfolios and blogs.

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Portfoliobox is another online portfolio builder specifically designed with artists in mind.

It provides super-flexible design functionality, allowing you to create beautiful galleries & art collections.

Portfoliobox, as one of the best blogging platforms for artists, also includes powerful blogging features where you can share your artistic journey and capture your audience's attention effectively.

With its image-based blog feature tailored towards artists like illustrators.

This platform ensures that every content shared resonates well with its intended audience while showcasing the creator's work in the best light possible.

It must also be mentioned that Portfoliobox has a built-in Lightroom integration. Because of this, you can conveniently upload whatever images you are working on to your galleries and client galleries directly from Lightroom.

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Portfoliobox Features

This built-in feature ensures your images are displayed in the best possible quality without slowing down your site. It automatically adjusts image size and resolution based on the viewer's screen for optimal viewing experience.

This integrated functionality lets you easily sell digital products directly from your blog or portfolio with 0% commision. Whether it's an eBook, a photography course or design templates - you can monetize them effortlessly.

The e-commerce feature is a comprehensive solution that allows you to set up an online store within your blog platform - no additional plugins are required! You can manage inventory, process payments and handle shipping from one place. Moreover, Portfoliobox cuts 0% commission from your sales.

The pros and cons of Portfoliobox

  • Intuitive building platform.

  • Comes with fully-integrated blogging features.

  • Built-in Lightroom integration.

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