Typedream combines simplicity with modern web building capabilities, offering an intuitive way of creating text-rich blogs without coding knowledge required.

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Typedream is a website builder that allows users to create professional-looking websites quickly and easily.

Bloggers who are looking for a sleek design without compromising on functionality can benefit from Typedream's minimalist design approach and robust feature set.

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Typedream offers a clean and intuitive interface. It's perfect for creating professional-looking websites, and it's easy to use. Typedream also offers a wide range of customization options, allowing users to tailor their websites to their unique needs and goals.

A Notion based Blogging Platform

One of the most unique features of TypeDream is that it uses your Notion content as a content management system. Thus, if you are a Notion user, it would make your life easier. Clone the Notion template that Typedream provide in Blog creation screen, and fill the template with your content.

Additionally, platforms offer form solutions that can be used to generate leads and get feedback from users, which are important for business and marketing audiences.

Typedream is best blog platform for

Business & MarketersContent CreatorsNews Publishers / JournalistsPersonal Bloggers

Typedream Features

Typedream allows to inject custom code to your site's header and footer. It seems it is not possible to do that on the page level.

A feature that allows you to publish you content as a newsletter.
Sell digital products like ebooks, music, videos, courses etc.

The pros and cons of Typedream

  • You can easily build a blog with a sleek design.

  • You can capture leads or feedback using forms.

  • You can sell digital products on your Typedream website

  • Platform may not be suitable for people who need advanced customizations

  • It uses Notion as a CMS.

  • Doesn't support nofollow outbound links

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