Vev is a dynamic blog platform that allows users to design, build and collaborate on web projects, offering an interactive experience for bloggers who want more control over their site's layout.

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Vev is suitable for those who want a blog platform with great visuals and creative designs.

Vev is also known for its user-friendly navigation and content management system. It has a range of customization options, allowing users to customize their blog to their needs. Vev is a great way to create a professional and engaging blog.


Multiple Editors for Different Needs

There are three separate editors: Design, Content, and Code. Using these editors, you can tell engaging stories that emphasize visuals.

There are bunch of well-thought components that are available to use your website such as animated texts, 3D carousels, card swipers, charts, etc...

Vev Editor capabilities

Create Scrollytelling Websites

In Vev, one of the most important features is the ability to easily create scrollytelling websites.

What is Scrollytelling?

Described as a combination of "scrolling" and "storytelling", scrollytelling is a web design format used to tell dynamic, multimedia stories as readers scroll through a site.

Readers are able to scroll up, down, and even across scrollytelling websites while clicking on buttons and icons to reveal additional information or interaction, unlike linear website experiences. By navigating at their own pace and examining each and every single aspect of the story at their own pace, they are able to control the narrative, resulting in a more customized experience.

Scrollytelling can be used to showcase a company's products or services, share important company news, or convey a brand's message in an impactful way. It is an ideal format for engaging readers and capturing their attention.

Vev is best blog platform for

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Vev Ratings

Design Flexibility

Design flexibility in a blogging platform is defined by its ability to allow users to customize and control the appearance of their blog. This can include aspects like layout, color schemes, typography, image placement, navigation menus and more.


In this context, a platform rated as 'Best' would mean it's highly user-friendly and can be easily adopted even by beginners. It implies intuitive interface design, straightforward setup processes, clear instructions and minimal need for technical knowledge.

Vev Features

Vev supports advanced outbound link customization such as not only nofollow but also sponsored, phone, and email

Vev's platform includes a built-in feature that allows users to inject custom code into their blog pages, offering an enhanced level of customization and control over the functionality or appearance of your site.

While Vev doesn't offer direct Figma integration within its interface, designs created in Figma can be manually implemented into your Vev project using the platform's extensive design tools - ensuring visual consistency across different stages of your blogging journey.

The pros and cons of Vev

  • Vev provides three different editors: Design, Content, Code.

  • It is one of the most economical blog platforms. ($5/month).

  • Realtime collaboration

  • Supports nofollow option for outbound links.

  • It takes time to understand the platform

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