Wix is an intuitive blog platform offering drag-and-drop website building tools, suitable for those who prioritize design aesthetics in their blogs.

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Wix is another website builder that allows users to create a website or blog. It is an easy-to-use blog platform and has many templates and features available. According to BuiltWith, around 18 million live websites use simple website builders and around 23 million use hosted solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wix Blogging Platform

Is Wix free for blogging?

Wix blogging platform has a free plan for users with a subdomain use only. In other words, you can't use it with your custom domain.

It is one of the best free blogging platforms you can use as a starter. Moreover, Wix is the best price performer on the market if your intend is migrating to a paid plan..

Is Wix good for portfolios?

While Wix makes building a portfolio easy and intuitive, there is the possibility that performance issues may arise.

Is Wix a good blogging platform?

The short answer is yes! Wix is a good blogging platform for many people. Its powerful rich text editor allows you to create engaging, multimedia-rich content.

However, if you need very specific features, my answer would be different. For example, its editor doesn't have superscript and subscript features, which many people can find annoying. If your intention is to use Wix as a CMS platform, maybe looking at other headless CMSs for blogging would be good for you.

What are the advantages of Wix?

Wix blogging platform
  • Intuitive drag and drop editor: Wix's editor is easy to use with minimal technical skills required. You can add and customize design elements and blog features quickly.

  • Numerous professional templates: Wix provides hundreds of templates for blogs across industries like fashion, photography, food, and travel. The templates only require minor modification.

  • Built-in SEO tools: The platform comes with SEO tools like meta tag manager, SEO wizard, alt tag manager to help optimize blog content.

  • Integrated with Google Analytics: Understand your blog viewers better with detailed analytics about traffic sources, top pages, location of visitors etc.

  • Responsive design: All Wix templates are mobile-friendly supporting responsiveness so the blog content automatically adjusts across screen sizes.

  • Accept payments with ease: Useful for monetizing blogs, Wix offers payment integration with PayPal and Stripe to sell products, accept donations, subscriptions.

If you are seeking a publishing platform that offers most services with the most economical plan, Wix would be the best option specifically for you, among other popular blogging platforms such as Webflow, WordPress, and SquareSpace.

What are the downsides of Wix Blogging Platform?

  • The most important downside of Wix is the performance of the websites built with it. Due to Google's emphasis on website performance, it poses a major disadvantage for rankings. If you're concerned about SEO, we can recommend a different platform.

  • Technical limits to customization: While drag and drop editor makes designing easy, there are some technical constraints around modifying template code to customize further.

  • There is a bug in the content editor of Wix that make your nofollow outbound links as follow. Even though Wix supports SEO-friendly URLs structure, this bug can hurt your SEO.

  • When your design getting complex, its editor becomes annoyingly slow and Wix blogging platform experience easily becomes a nightmare due to

Wix is best blog platform for

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Wix Ratings

Design Flexibility

Design flexibility in a blogging platform is defined by its ability to allow users to customize and control the appearance of their blog. This can include aspects like layout, color schemes, typography, image placement, navigation menus and more.

Theme Availability

The platform should have a variety of themes and templates to choose from. Higher the number of available themes is generally better for you.


In this context, a platform rated as 'Best' would mean it's highly user-friendly and can be easily adopted even by beginners. It implies intuitive interface design, straightforward setup processes, clear instructions and minimal need for technical knowledge.


Wix is one of the most versatile bloggin platforms.

Wix Features

Wix supports to put rel='nofollow' attribute to outbound links.

WIX's Email Marketing tool allows you create send newsletters straight from dashboard while also managing subscriber lists seamlessly.

Wix includes a built-in category and tag system that helps organize your blog posts effectively, improving navigability for readers and enhancing SEO performance. 

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The platform comes with an integrated comment system enabling interactive engagement between bloggers and readers right out of the box.

To ensure fast loading times without compromising image quality, Wix offers automatic image optimization which adjusts file sizes based on viewer’s screen size

Wix recently announced its headless service. This fantastic feature allows you to integrate Wix services to your codebase.

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With the ability to access theme files or use specific plugins, users can inject custom code into their Wix site providing extensive customization options.

While there isn't native support for paywalls in WIX itself, paywall functionality could potentially implemented via premium membership plugin integrations offering exclusive experiences generating recurring revenue.

Wix supports ad monetization through its partnership with Google AdSense, allowing bloggers to generate revenue by displaying targeted ads on their blog.

Built directly into the platform is e-commerce functionality; using this feature bloggers on Wix can set up online stores selling physical goods, digital products or services seamlessly from their blogs

The pros and cons of Wix

  • Wix is the best price performer on the market

  • It has an advanced drag-and-drop editor.

  • It provides hundreds of templates for free.

The most important issue where Wix fails is performance.

Because it shows a poor performance, it would be better to move another platform if SEO is critical for you.

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