Create professional CMS driven websites without writing any code.

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Ycode is a powerful website builder that puts the design process directly in your hands – no coding expertise required!

It's an ideal platform for individuals and businesses who want a visually striking website without the hassle of complicated programming.

Ycode's emphasis on customization means you can tailor your site's appearance to perfectly fit your brand or personal style.

Whether you need a portfolio, a business landing page, or a full-fledged blog, Ycode lets you do it your way.

If you're a blogger, Ycode can elevate your online presence. The platform grants extensive design flexibility, enabling you to create a unique, visually engaging blog. It offers design flexibility at least as powerful as Webflow.

Forget about being confined to rigid templates. With Ycode, you can easily add smooth animations and eye-catching transitions that set your blog apart.

Since it is such a capable platform in terms of design flexibility, we consider Ycode among the Best Blogging Platforms for Artists.

This level of control helps you build an immersive experience for your readers and gives your blog a distinct personality.

Ycode Pricing

Ycode has different pricing plans for different needs. Even if you are looking for a free platform for blogging, Ycode does that too.

  • Free Plan ($0 per month): A good option to get your feet wet with Ycode. This plan provides you with templates and development assistance to get you started, a free subdomain (ycode.site), and the ability to create unlimited pages on your website. You'll also have 100 CMS items (think blog posts, articles, etc.) at your disposal, and your site can handle up to 1,000 visitors per month. Other perks include unlimited editors for collaboration, built-in user authentication, and Airtable integration for managing your site's content.

  • Mini Plan ($5 per month billed monthly or $10 per month billed yearly): This plan caters to those who want a more custom landing page design. It includes a custom domain name for your website, along with pre-built home and error pages. You'll still get 100 CMS items and 1,000 visitors per month, with features like unlimited editors, user authentication, and Airtable integration carrying over from the free plan.

  • Basic Plan ($15 per month billed monthly or $20 per month billed yearly): Suitable for personal or small business websites, this plan offers a custom domain, unlimited pages, and an increase in your CMS items to 2,000. Your website can now accommodate up to 250,000 visitors per month, and you'll still benefit from unlimited editors, user authentication, and Airtable integration.

  • Pro Plan ($25 per month billed monthly or $30 per month billed yearly): This plan is ideal for larger websites with more advanced needs. It grants you a custom domain, unlimited pages, and a significant jump in CMS items to 12,000. Your monthly visitor limit is also increased to 300,000, and you'll continue to have unlimited editors, user authentication, and Airtable integration.

  • Enterprise Plan (Contact Ycode for pricing): This plan is designed for businesses that require collaboration features. It allows for unlimited projects, team members, and user roles and permissions. You'll need to contact Ycode directly to get a quote for this plan.

Ycode is best blog platform for


Ycode Ratings

Design Flexibility

Ycode is one of the most successful applications in terms of design flexibility.

Theme Availability

Ycode provides very few templates. Although this may seem insufficient, it compensates for this gap with design flexibility.

Ycode Features

Ycode provides a REST API so that you can use your Ycode website as a headless platform.

You can inject your custom code snippets into your Ycode website.

Ycode offer built-in category system for your blog posts. You can also create a custom field if you need a tagging feature.

You can use nofollow attribute for your outbound links in Ycode.

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